Why Oba?


Oba! A little bit of Brazil in every cup.

In Brazilian Portuguese the expression Oba! stands for enthusiasm, celebration and joy. For Brazilian people coffee represents the same state of mind: that of gathering, having company, conversations with friends and the feeling of being welcome. The history of coffee is deeply rooted in the history of Brazil. And it is this distinctive feature that you can taste in our Oba! coffee.

Why Oba! is so good?

Oba! coffee is made of exclusive Brazilian blends and is monitored in each step of the production process, from the moment of planting to harvesting, from drying the beans to tasting the coffee, from the cooperatives to the final consumer, so that the coffee you drink does not only have an incomparable flavor and an extraordinary quality, but also a pinch of our passion and our way of caring in it.

Our way to care about. High quality blends, fair prices, low environmental impact

Small producers in the most important coffee regions of Brazil: they are the main guarantees for the high quality of our coffee. Oba! brings you exclusive and certified Brazilian blends, which contain the appreciation of the sustainable work of farms and cooperatives. This way all participants of the coffee trade benefit. When you choose Oba!, you will have a premium coffee, made of the best selections of beans, without paying more for it. It is the Brazilian coffee that you already enjoy, for a price that will surprise you. We believe that transparency is one of the most important factors in our fast and changing world.