Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fátima | Minas Gerais, Brasil


Since 1999 the Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fátima started to develop the farm towards ecological agriculture, to meet the growing demand for specialty coffee from fair trade and in organic quality. In 2002 the Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fátima became part of the Saquarema Farm (Sul de Minas) which initiated the organic certification process. An important step for the farm and the team - through the further development of ecological cultivation methods, the yield on the farm could be increased continuously. Just like the cup quality. On the Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fátima, as well as on the Fazenda Saquarema, eucalyptus was planted as an intermediate plant and shade tree. With the aim of reducing the climate emissions of the fazenda. The coffees from the Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fátima present themselves in the cup, very chocolatey, nutty and spicy, typical of the region. That is why we are so enthusiastic about high quality coffees from Brazil. They also have a fine acidity and bring volume, strength and body. Also ideal as a basis for coffee and espresso blends.
In Brazil and in many other countries, it is often difficult to order organic coffees of outstanding quality and reliably over a longer period. Due to the professionalism of the Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fátima this is no problem. The coffees, whether natural or pulped natural, are always clean and almost error-free. The philosophy on the farm is also convincing. The farm projects this year include reforestation with native trees and fruit trees on the plantations / lots. The maintenance of the fauna and flora in the indigenous forests, the protection of the springs and the biological pest control should be further expanded.

Fazenda Camocim | Espírito Santo, Brasil


The best cafe in Brazil.

Fazenda Camocim produces organic, biodynamic, certified and grown coffees without pesticides or chemical additives. The Fazenda is known for producing Café do Jacu, unique in the world in its indescribable flavor and with a high degree of purity for being cultivated without any interference from man.

Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza - FAF | São Paulo, Brasil


Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza has been a coffee plantation since 1850. Since 2002 the owners have been working on transforming the farm into a model of sustainable organic agriculture. FAF produces high quality sustainable coffees, taking into consideration the quality of life of the people and environment we live.